Our History

Oakland & Fraternal Historic Cemetery Park celebrated its 150th birthday in 2013. They have seen over 40,000 burials during this time. As you walk under the large oak trees, through the narrow streets built for horse and buggy, take the time to read the names carved in stone that have built Little Rock into the city it is today. As you tour through these cemeteries, we hope you will enjoy the stories of the people interred here, stories of triumph and tragedy, stories of politicians and soldiers, merchants and former slaves, doctors and suffragettes, educators and immigrants and Jews and Christians. We know you will appreciate the over 10,000 unique monuments and sculptures on the 92-acre grounds. From the grand monuments of towering obelisks and ornate mausoleums to the small, meek headstones of the children who died too young, Oakland & Fraternal Historic Cemetery Park is a reflection on the city and its history.  

Our Story

 Oakland’s story begins with the Civil War, as the need for a new cemetery in Little Rock was great, with “many soldiers dying almost daily in the emergency hospitals of Little Rock.”1 At this time, much of the land near the cemeteries was taken up in the pursuits of war. The Arsenal (in MacArthur Park) had been taken over by state troops in 1861. The old Hanger Plantation, Oakwood, (around 9th Street and Hanger) was being used as the headquarters for Confederate General Sterling Price, and St. John’s College (located where I-30 now stands around 10th Street) was being used as a Confederate hospital. When the city of Little Rock was occupied by the Union soldiers on September 10, 1863, the Arsenal, Oakwood, and St. John’s College continued its military use but now for the Union. The occupation expanded to the cemetery, as it was used for a Union encampment. An 1869 Arkansas Gazette article makes mention of “a line of old rifle-pits, thrown up during the war” at Oakland.  


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